GTA V DLC Coming Possibly Next Week, But Is It Heists Or Zombies?

A new leak Thursday suggests that Grand Theft Auto V will receive new DLC for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, possibly within the next couple of weeks. Will we finally see the long-awaited Heists, or the latest hot topic for GTA V, zombies?

The information comes from YouTube’s iCrazyTeddy in partnership with DomIsLive and TwoDynamic. The group discovered that Rockstar Games updated the marketplace, which seemingly confirms that DLC is on the way very soon. The one question that the leak doesn’t answer is the one that is one everyone’s mind, though: what’s in the DLC?

The title of the GTA V downloadable content is simply listed as “DLC pack” in the marketplace code. This suggests that Rockstar has picked up on how YouTube leakers have been sharing information on upcoming DLC packs prior to them being officially announced. Previously, this same crew of leakers was the ones to announce that the I Am Not A Hipster update and the Independence update were coming by using the exact same method to reveal the names.

Based on past experience, the marketplace is updated a week or so in advance of the DLC being released. That means this new GTA V DLC should be released either Tuesday, August 12 or Tuesday, August 19. That’s the time when the PlayStation and Xbox marketplace are updated with new online releases.

There are few answers on what the GTA V DLC could include but plenty of speculation right now based on code and animations that have been mined. Code for various casino games have been found along with animations associated with the long-awaited Heists for GTA Online. Heists were first announced prior to the launch of the online service last October. There’s also new jets hinted at for multiplayer plus Pilot School lessons to help players get trained up.

The other possibility is that the DLC could be some sort of single-player DLC. There have been hints that new content specifically for Trevor is coming along with new Assassination missions. More interestingly, there’s been code pointing toward a single player zombie mode.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the GTA V DLC will be any of these things. It’s equally possible that Rockstar has something else up its sleeves instead.

GTA V - Independence Day Special
Did Rockstar learn its lesson after the GTA V Independence Day Special leak?

What do you think the next GTA V DLC will be? Will we finally see Heists or is something else on the way like zombies or single-player DLC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Rockstar Games]