Soccer Coach Refuses Handshake [Video]

Sports can be rough. Things get rough on the field, and emotions are almost always running high. But most of the time, good sportsmanship prevails and players either slap some skin or hug it out after a rough win. Not the case between two soccer coaches, according to video on YouTube.

In a soccer match on ESPN, everyone can see as one coach refuses a handshake from his opposing coach following the match. The Independent has more:

“Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola refused a post-match handshake with Caleb Porter after the MLS All-Stars beat Bayern Munich in a pre-season friendly.

“Robert Lewandowski gave the German champions the lead in the first half but they were pegged back by the MLS select team, with Bradley Wright-Phillips and Landon Donavon on target at Providence Park, Portland.

“At the final whistle Guardiola wagged his finger to say ‘no’ to Porter then refused the offer of a handshake, also the head coach of the Portland Timbers, because he was unhappy at some of the tackling by the MLS players.”

The Oregonian described in detail the excruciatingly awkward scene of Porter trying to hunt Guardiola down for that friendly handshake following the match and getting refused.

“Porter made an effort to track down Guardiola and shake hands, but the Bayern coach didn’t acknowledge Porter. ‘I didn’t see him,’ Guardiola said after the game. What upset Guardiola was the play of the All-Stars in what was supposed to be a friendly…. Porter said he understood Guardiola’s postgame actions. ‘That’s such a small part of tonight I don’t even want to talk about it,’ Porter said.”

Talk about a sore loser, right?

For anyone who expected the spat to continue after the coach refused the handshake, The Independent said both men apparently hugged it out or wrote “I’m sorry” cards to one another or something, because they are back on good terms.

“However, US Soccer president Sunil Galati later took to Twitter to say that the pair had resolved their differences.

“He wrote: ‘All good with Pep Guardiola and Caleb Porter. With them for nice handshake outside the locker room after the game.'”

Of course, things could have gone far worse if either of the men had a violent temper. The Inquisitr previously reported on a 25-year-old soccer coach in New York who ended up on the wrong side of a situation and lost his life after his through was slit.

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