Katie Holmes Almost Cast As Piper In ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Could you picture Katie Holmes wielding a makeshift crucifix at threatening inmate Pennsatucky? Well, that might have happened if the cards fell in another direction.

E! News reports that Holmes, who’s currently doing promotion for her new film The Giver, could have scored the role of lead inmate Piper Chapman on the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. According to creator Jenji Kohan, the character played by Taylor Schilling almost went to the Dawson’s Creek actress.

“I’m a big fan of hers. I met with her originally for Piper, I believe.” Kohan confessed that in the end it didn’t work out because Holmes had other things going on. While she doesn’t elaborate on what those things were, we’re pretty sure some of it had to do with escaping Scientology.

Then again perhaps Holmes just wasn’t interested in the part? It’s not said when casting took place but we’re betting it was before Netflix became a huge player in original television like it has become these days. Kohan at least confirms that back then “no one knew the show would be what it was.”

That said, it looks like Katie Holmes is still interested in playing some sort of role in Orange Is The New Black even if she’s not lead Piper. Rumor has it Holmes really wants to guest star on the Netflix series.

Other cast mates of the Emmy nominated show were asked whom Holmes would play if they had to imagine a character for her. Star Taylor Schilling had an excellent idea:

“[Katie] could be friends with Lorna or like Lorna’s Boston sister.”

Kate Mulgrew suggested no matter whom she might play on the show she should probably watch out.

“She better watch herself. Pretty girls have to watch out in prison.”

The “shocking revelation” has resulted in a few funny photo shopped images of what Katie Holmes might have looked like in the orange jumper.

The last time Katie Holmes was swirling around a television project it was an untitled pilot for ABC. While we don’t know much about when the show will fit on ABC’s schedule, if at all, back in March Entertainment Weekly reported that Holmes was cast as a Manhattan socialite.

Let’s cross our fingers that the actress eventually makes her way over to Orange is the New Black.

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