Kim Jong-Un Tours Lube Factory, Hilarity Ensues

Kim Jong-un recently toured the Chonji Lubricant Factory as an act of goodwill. However, photos taken inside the factory have become the subject of numerous memes. In the most popular photo, the North Korean leader is standing next to a large vat of lube — grinning ear to ear.

According to Jong-un, the factory is tangible proof of North Korea’s technological advancement.

Historically, lubricant was imported from other regions. Jong-un said his father, Kim Jong Il, set the stage for continued economic growth. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the “results of the hardships experienced by himself.”

Kim Jong-un said he was sorry Kim Jong Il never got to see the factory. However, he felt it was important to tour the factory in his father’s place.

As reported by Foreign Policy, the visit was not entirely sentimental. Throughout his tour, the North Korean leader provided “field guidance” to the Chonji Lubricant Factory employees. He also offered praise for their continued effort to improve “technical specifications” and “international competitiveness.”

As discussed by Biography, Kim Jong-un was appointed the leader of North Korea following his father’s 2011 death. As the details of his early life and governmental policies are largely unknown to the Western world, Jong-un remains an enigma.

The mystery surrounding his policies and procedures have led to wild speculation and ongoing controversy. Most disturbing is the suggestion that he has continued to perform nuclear testing in violation of international law.

Although Jong-un’s governmental policies have received stark criticism, his affinity for arts and culture are in contrast to his father’s matter-of-fact personality.

In North Korea, Kim Jong-un has earned some degree of respect. However, he remains the butt of numerous jokes. His recent tour of the lube factory is no exception.

As reported by Mashable, Reddit users created a challenge to produce the most amusing “Kim Jong-un lubricant memes.” The Photoshopped results include the North Korean leader wearing a blue and purple Hawaiian shirt, a lube tank filled with “minion” dolls, characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and more than one mention of “Soylent Green.”

As the memes are generally amusing, they eventually went viral. Although Jong-un reportedly keeps tabs on Western media, it is unclear whether he has seen or reacted to the lube factory memes.

Kim Jong-un has led a largely secretive life, so there is bound to be a lot of speculation. While the lube factory tour has become the butt of numerous jokes, the North Korean leader said the visit was meant to be an act of goodwill.

[Images via Mashable]