‘Sins of Jerry Jones’ Extortion Plot: Is Dallas Cowboys Owner a Creeper?

Jerry Jones is a football legend. A star running back is for Little Rock High School in Arkansas, he later struck it rich as an oil man. Now a billionaire, Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and the rest they say, is history. But now another chapter in his storied life has been written. It is a sordid one.

TerezOwens.com broke the story revolving around Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones has a dirty little secret. He likes younger women. Holy cow, sound the alarm, an old man is still thinking dirty, sexual thoughts! Who would’ve thought? Oh, and he’s also quite photogenic for an older guy… I mean look at that grin!

But there’s one slight problem. And that is the whole ’til death do us part bit. Jones is married to Gene, his wife of fifty years. He’s calls himself a “family man.” But it only looks like Jerry’s guilty of copping a feel at this point. The more pressing matter is that Jones is the victim of an extortion plot by a man named Frank Hoover.

Hoover released the series of sexually charged pictures featuring Jerry Jones standing next to and groping attractive younger women on his Twitter account. Among the photos, one features a young lady getting on her knees and pretending to fellate the much older gentleman. A second photo shows Jones cupping the breasts of, perhaps, a co-ed. And there’s even one more, indescribable bathroom photo, circulating online.

The pictures are also part of a 20-page manifesto titled The Sins of Jerry Jones. Here’s a sample The New York Post pointed out:

“I am the way, the truth and Jerry, you are my light,” wrote Hoover, who calls himself the “Son of God.”

The whole shebang can be read here. The manifesto is full of bad tattoo pictures and questionable grammar. The New York Daily News also labeled the oddly written piece “rambling”.

So just who is this Hoover character? And what quarrel does he have with Mr. Jones? Well Hoover “used to be fairly well-connected in the Dallas scene and was always going to parties with Cowboys and Mavericks players,” according to Deadspin.

The Daily News also mentioned that Jones hasn’t yet commented on the incident since the story broke yesterday. Could that possibly be because the pictures are doctored up? Why don’t you look at them and come to your own conclusion.

Considering that the Cowboys haven’t been relevant in the NFL since the late 90s one might’ve thought that the biggest embarrassment surrounding America’s Team would’ve come on the field. Led by Quarterback Tony Romo and a no-name defense, the players can rest easy now.

After all, this is Jerry’s World, and we all just live in it.

[Photo Courtesy of The Washington Post]