Spain's Queen Letizia May Be More Down To Earth Than Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has been the Royal buzz in Europe lately. Her fairy tale ascension to princess-dom and storybook wedding to Prince William, combined with her fashionable attire -even while partaking in sporting events, cause the world to glance in her direction everywhere she goes. However, Spain's Queen Letizia is quickly garnering the attention of Europe, and the world, as her down to Earth demeanor is rivaling that of Kate Middleton.

Since her ascension to the throne in June of 2014, Queen Letizia has been watched with careful scrutiny by the eyes of Spain and Europe alike. The pressure of being a member of royalty can be rather daunting, so it is only natural that Queen Leitizia and King Felipe VI take a much deserved vacation during the summer. The two, along with their daughters Leonor, Princess of Asturias, and Princess Sofia took their first official vacation in Majorca, where they opted to forgo formal attire and wear comfortable clothing instead. Despite the attire choices, they still looked fantastic and debonair.

According to Hello Magazine:

"Stylish Letizia, 41, channelled casual chic in a plain white T-shirt and loose fitting, patterned trousers while her mini-me daughters wore matching dresses in baby pink and turquoise blue"
Queen Letizia's attire is quite different than what we have seen Kate Middleton dressed in. The white t-shirt and patterned pants that Queen Letizia wore during her vacation give her a sense of casualness that is not often seen in royal figures. She seems more down to earth than her counterparts.

Queen Letizia's casual wardrobe sets her apart form many other European royals and even makes her appear more approachable, as well as a role model for the every day individual. Kate Middleton may be equally admired, however, her sense of style has been overshadowed by that of the late Princess Diana's beauty and fashion. This leaves Kate Middleton under much scrutiny from the public eye. If she were to walk out of the house with a t-shirt, casual pants, and open toe shoes, the media would have a heyday with her. Queen Letizia may still have the paparazzi following her every move, but her casualness has become a part of her overall charm.

Regardless of dressing style, both Kate Middelton and Queen Letizia are young and beautiful representatives of European royalty. Both represent their roles with dignity and respect and both are admired by the masses.

[Photo Courtesy: Glamour]