‘The Lion King’ Cast Gives New York City Subway Riders A Treat, Sings ‘Circle Of Life’

A video of The Lion King Broadway cast is bringing smiles to the face of many, and it’s not because of a Broadway performance. No, this time it’s for a video that is going viral of the case taking over the New York City subway and surprising riders with an impromptu performance of the song “Circle of Life.”

According to the Huffington Post, during a break between shows, the Broadway cast of The Lion King decided to surprise subway passengers with an a Capella performance in late June. The cast didn’t dress out of the ordinary; they all looked like your everyday passenger and included not only adults, but some of the cast’s younger members as well.

It all begins when one passenger begins to belt out the iconic lyrics to The Lion King‘s “Circle of Life.” Surprised faces can be seen throughout the video as more and more cast members begin to join into the song, and while some people didn’t look too please at first, cell phones and cameras quickly began recording and by the end, it seems like a good chunk of the passengers were pleased with the impromptu performance!

This isn’t the first time a cast of The Lion King has burst out into a spontaneous performance. According to USA Today, back in April the Brisbane cast of The Lion King surprised Virgin Australia Airlines passenger when they decided to break into their rendition of “Circle of Life.” According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the Australian touring company of The Lion King decided to have a flash mob on their plane while waiting for it to take off.

The report continued on to suggest that the cast just couldn’t wait to get started with their rehearsal process, so they decided to surprise their fellow passengers:

“The one thing that was missing was the ensemble pieces worn by the cast, but passengers of the plane didn’t seem to mind that the cast of The Lion King were in their regular clothes. After all — it still is a “free” performance for a musical that’s considered to be a hot ticket after all these years.”

The New York City subway passengers may have had some mixed reactions about The Lion King performance, but fans of the Broadway show have been commenting on the performance via social media, many jealous that they weren’t there to see it:

It’s not too often that you get a sneak peak into a hit Broadway performance! What did you think of The Lion King performance?

[Image via YouTube Screen Grab]