‘Dark Souls 2: Crown Of The Old King’ DLC On The Way?

Dark Souls 2 fans recently got their hands on some brand new DLC. However, there are possibly more adventures awaiting armchair warriors in the near future.

Although we haven’t gotten our blood-stained hands on any concrete details regarding the next batch of Dark Souls 2-related DLC, some websites are reporting that From Software is preparing to unleash Crown of the Old King very shortly. Unfortunately, that’s all the release date info we have to share at the moment. Please don’t slay the messenger.

SegmentNext reports that Reddit user Delicious_Skal dug around the Japanese website for Dark Souls 2 an uncovered some nifty information about the upcoming DLC. Unfortunately, this individual wasn’t able to obtain a release date, which means you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for more info at a later date.

Here’s what Delicious_Skal unearthed:

“At the end of Iron Keep, lies a sot and smoke covered stage called the ‘Tower of Black Mist,’ and another challenge for one of the lost crowns. Erected within the untrodden crater are the shadows of a glorious past. Players who have not purchased the DLC can also be summoned to the more difficult area.”

While they’re waiting for that particular slice of Dark Souls 2 DLC to come bounding into existence, fans can spend several hours exploring the latest content lurking about in Crown of the Sunken King. Judging from the handful of reviews over at Metacritic, the expansion is a worthy addition to the Dark Souls universe.

The Gamer’s Temple explained:

“Despite From Software misleading us into thinking there wouldn’t be any DLC for ‘DS2,’ it doesn’t bother me. After completing ‘DS2’ to 100 percent, ‘Sunken Crown’ was a welcomed side quest and much more of a challenge than the original game. From Software appears to be falling back into old habits and really laying the puzzles and difficulty on thick. My recommendation is to not go at it alone. Overall, ‘Sunken Crown’ is very fast-paced and really puts your character and skills to the test. Bring on the next two crowns of the trilogy! ‘Dark Souls II’ was easy; ‘Crown of the Sunken King’ is the real challenge.”

If you’re curious to check out the Dark Souls 2 Japanese website, then you need to click here. Should you happen across any more information about the upcoming DLC, then feel free to let us know in the comments. Are you looking forward to the new content?

[Lead image via From Software]