Burger King; ‘Have It Your Way’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Burger King restaurants may soon start doubling the number of apple pies they carry.

According to eonline.com, a Reddit thread labelled “offmychest” tells the story of a man who as at an undisclosed Burger King to treat himself since he hasn’t eaten Burger King for a while. He’s on his lunch break, the line is long, and he has a headache. Behind him is a mother with her child. The mother is on her cell phone, the child is on a Gameboy, throwing it down whenever the game did something the child didn’t like. The worst of it, the man continues, is that the child keeps chanting “I want a f**king PIE!!”

The man’s headache goes migraine, but decides he will continue in line for his lunch.

This goes on for another five minutes or so, and the man decides to ask the mother to please quiet her child. The mother responds by yelling at the man that there is “I can’t tell her nothing about raising her child and to mind my own business. I nod and turn around”, while the mother continues to yell at the back of the man’s head, and trying to console her son with the promise of a pie.

According to consumerist.com, The man gets to the counter to find out the reason why Burger King is slow; they had one trainee running the register during a lunch rush. Undeterred, the man decides to order his lunch and continue to splurge himself, but also decides to ruin the day of the mother and child behind him. He orders his meal and ends the order by asking for all of the pies they have on hand. It turns out there were 23 pies left, and the man agrees to buy them. He receives and pays for his order, and makes his way to the exit.

Once at the exit, he turns and waits when, suddenly, the mother starts yelling, “what do you mean there are no more pies left? Who ordered them all?” He turns to see the Burger King trainee pointing directly at him. The mother delivers a death glare directed at him, The man pulls out a fresh, hot, apple pie, begins to eat it, and walk away. The mother tries to run after him, but the lines in the food court are too long, and the man walks away.

The veracity of the story is in question, there is quite a bit of information missing; which Burger King, standalone restaurant or food court, etc. But, at the end of the Reddit post, readers get to choose if he is a good or bad person for this. If it did happen, one thing is certain; there are at least two people who would vote bad.