George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin Secure Marriage License, Will Wed In Italy

George Clooney is getting married… officially. In case the seven carat engagement ring he gave to Amal Alamuddin wasn’t enough proof, news that the couple obtained a marriage license has made its way to the media. According to People Magazine, Clooney and his bride-to-be secured their marriage license in London where Alamuddin lives. A notice posted outside of Chelsea Old Town Hall listed the couple’s name and their wedding location: Italy.

Of course this is no surprise. Clooney has a sprawling home in Italy and loves to spend his spare time there. According to the report, Clooney’s parents are already in Italy and were seen having dinner with their son and his love near his Lake Como residence. Apparently Alamuddin’s parents have recently been in town as well, which could mean that Clooney’s wedding is very soon.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding date has not been announced, however. According to The Mirror, the two will wed sometime next month. Despite Clooney being a huge celebrity, he still had to go through all of the steps that non-celebs do, which is why his marriage license is now public knowledge. A source said that the lovebirds aren’t really getting any special treatment.

“They may be a celebrity couple, but they have to sign the same documents as everybody else.”

Clooney popped the question back in April, surprising his lady — and the rest of the world. The two began dating in September 2013 after being introduced at a charity event. Their relationship has been on the fast track ever since. Despite Clooney never seeming to want to get married again (his first wife was Talia Balsam. They divorced in 1993), something about Alamuddin changed him. It’s hard to say what exactly changed George… but it’s clear that he’s different. And he’s taking this all the way.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin just might be a good fit for each other. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alamuddin has quite a few qualities that make her perfect for George.

“Alamuddin is very smart. She has a great career as a lawyer, specializing in international law. She speaks a few languages, has authored a book, and she is well-educated. Beyond the career and the brains, Alamuddin is a very private person who isn’t into the flashy Hollywood scene. She is more reserved and less spotlight savvy.”

Do you think George and Amal will last?

[Photo courtesy of REUTERS via Express UK]