July 3, 2013
Anderson Cooper gets all cozy with Kathy Griffin (Pics)

Did you know that Anderson Cooper, of CNN fame, has yet another new show coming out this September?


Neither did I up until a couple of days ago but then it seems that they've turned on the publicity blitz about his daytime talk show, that is already being yakked about as the new Oprah daytime powerhouse, and I am seeing news about is popping up daily.

Sort of like this little tidbit released by the show on the Anderson.com site where he gets comfie out in the sun with a bikini clad Kathy Griffin. Considering that they are buds from way back I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. Suppressing a gag reflex maybe but surprised, not likely.

As you can see from the image above they look like such a lovely couple just enjoying their time all alone out in the sun with no-one around to bother them. As for the image below, well, that's just the gallant gentleman in Anderson coming out as he helps Griffin adjust her bikini top.

via HuffPo