Pretty Little Liars: Things Get A Little Too Real In ‘March Of Crimes’ Episode

Pretty Little Liars keeps getting more and more interesting with each new episode, and this week’s episode isn’t any different. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with this week’s episode, be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

The Pretty Little Liars episode, titled “March of Crimes,” was pretty intense for those of us who are already sitting on the edge of our seats. While all the girls have been spiraling out of control in their own ways throughout the past season or two, it seems as if Alison is finally starting to lose her control over the situation since she decided to return to Rosewood.

At this point in the season, the liars seem to have many believing their story that Alison had been kidnapped by a mysterious male figure. While many of their families and classmates seem to be buying to story for now, the police and some of the girls close friends aren’t taking the bait. So far, only a few of the girls have been questioned, including Alison and Aria. So with police questioning their every move, and every detail of the kidnapping, it seems like the girls are starting to crack under the pressure.

According to Hollywood Life, we know that Alison enlisted the help of Noel Kahn, played by Brant Daughtery, to help convince Hanna’s mother that she was in danger. In last week’s episode, Hanna’s house was broken into by a mysterious figure in the famous black hoodie.

While all the liars believed it had been A messing with them, Alison came clean and said she asked Noel to do it so people would stop trying to poke holes in their kidnapping story. In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, that plan doesn’t work exactly as hoped because now Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer are doubting Alison’s honesty to them more so then ever before. Fans already knew they couldn’t trust every word from Alison’s mouth, but now that she is even starting to crack under the pressure, the girls are all left wondering whose side Alison is really on.

In the meantime fans get a good glimpse at the drama between each of the girls. Spencer is confronted by Noel after Emily finds evidence in his car that could tear the liars’ secrets to the ground, and Emily finds out that her new friend Sydney is connected to Jenna according to the Washington Post. Then of course there is the drama between Hanna and Aria after Hanna spills the beans about Aria’s mother’s fiance, Zach hitting on her.

With all of this and more going on all at once, you would think that the story has enough drama going on at the moment, but no. Things heat up even more just as the episode is getting to the end and Hanna’s mom is asked to bring Alison into the police station. Fans are left on the edge of their seats once again as Alison is brought into the police station to face her supposed kidnapper as he begins to spill details about the alleged events.

So Pretty Little Liars, who is the new guy and why is he admitting to a kidnapping that supposedly never even happened? Is this another recruit working for Alison? Or do you think A is simply adding more fuel to the fire?

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