Nine West Walk Of Shame Handbags More Offensive Than Husband Hunting Shoes?

Are Nine West walk of shame handbags even more offensive than husband hunting shoes? That probably depends upon whom you ask. The handbags imply that women have low morals and indulge in one-night stands; the shoes imply that women need to find and keep a man to feel complete. Which is worse?

The Nine West husband shoes are making headlines and enraging social media users, but what about the Nine West walk of shame handbags? Don’t they deserve their own outrage? Do women need a dedicated bag to carry when they slink out of a man’s apartment in the early morning hours with tousled hair, smeared makeup, and yesterday’s outfit?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution pointed out that it’s not all about the Nine West husband hunting shoes or walk of shame handbags. There are also options for first day of kindergarten and “drunch,” which means drunk lunch for those who are unfamiliar with the term. However, the drunk lunch offerings don’t seem to be available on their website just yet.

A lovely photograph on the retailer’s website shows the slender and toned lower body of a young woman dressed in a respectable salmon skirt and a lavender blouse. She is wearing a black leather jacket. In one hand, she carries a stylish handbag that seems to be fashioned from supple black leather and faux leopard skin accented with gold-tone details. This bag is apparently one of the Nine West walk of shame handbags in question.

Baby blue flip-flops protrude from the roomy handbag, which would presumably come in handy when those Nine West husband shoes start to pinch after a long night. In case you were wondering, the walk of shame handbag seen in the aforementioned ad is the Trenleigh animal print satchel, and it can be yours for just $79.

To be fair, walk of shame handbags aren’t exactly a Nine West invention, a quick search on the internet reveals that hundreds of images have been tagged with that term. Some of them even feature leopard print, which is practically a requirement for one-night stands if you believe Nine West’s advertising campaign.

In fact, a good number of bags shown beneath the dubious “Anticipatory Walk of Shame” banner feature animal print. As Business Week noted, the starter husband shoes also feature leopard spots. What’s a girl to believe? Leopard print is suitable for any occasion.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Erika Szychowski, who is the senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, is prepared for controversy, but she’s standing by the new marketing campaign.

“My gut tells me that it’s not offensive, and it’s not just my gut but the incredibly active, large community of people that we work with both internally and externally — it’s actually resonating for them.”

What do you think? Are Nine West walk of shame handbags even more offensive than husband hunting shoes?

[Image via Nine West]