Potentially Delusional Paris Hilton Compares Herself To Legendary Physicist Albert Einstein

Fame affects people in a myriad of different ways. Some find peace with their celebrity lifestyle, while others crumble to pieces. Then there are those like Paris Hilton, who apparently lose their grip on reality.

Case in point. Paris Hilton recently revealed to The Telegraph that she apparently shares traits with legendary physicist Albert Einstein:

“A big believer in astrology, Hilton says she is a true Aquarian. ‘We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses: [Albert] Einstein was one.'”

A couple problems immediately come to mind. First and foremost, the official website for the Nobel Prize lists Albert Einstein’s birthday as having been on March 14, 1879. This therefore makes Einstein a Pisces, not an Aquarius. Someone who purports to be “a big believer in astrology” should perhaps already know this?

Albert Einstein also never made a sex tape. Mind you, after his first marriage to Mileva Marić dissolved in 1919, he went on to marry his cousin Elsa Löwenthal in the same year. Note that Paris Hilton has yet to marry a cousin, let alone marry anyone.

Furthermore, Professor Albert Einstein taught physics to young students at the University of Zurich, the University of Berlin and the University of Jerusalem (which he helped form), not to mention Princeton University and Charles University in Prague.

More importantly (and this is the real kicker), Albert Einstein posited numerous theories, the most important of which were his two theories about special and general relativity. According to the Discovery Channel, these monumental theories made numerous previously impossible concepts possible: quantum physics, atomic energy, gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, black holes, time travel and the wildly acclaimed Big Bang Theory.

Now compare Albert Einstein’s accomplishments to that of socialite Paris Hilton. According to People, she spent the 80s playing soccer and cheerleading and the 90s crashing parties, getting her “first taste of the local party circuit.” Amazing…

Then right before her first TV show, “The Simple Life,” premiered on Fox in 2003, “a two-year-old sex tape featuring Hilton (and Shannen Dohert’s ex-husband) Rick Salomon” went public. This unexpected event had the serendipitous side effect of cementing Paris Hilton in the minds of men and women across the world. Congratulations…

She then spent the next 20 or so years starring in films, getting arrested, making music videos, getting arrested, driving under the influence, getting arrested, dating dozens of guys and of course getting arrested. Truly remarkable…

Not once in her life has Paris Hilton either taught somebody something (besides how to be stupid) or posited any relevant theories about the world.

So yeah, while it appears that both Paris Hilton and Albert Einstein like to stick their tongue out at people, they otherwise appear to have absolutely nothing else in common. Shucks…

Regardless, to learn more about Albert Einstein, check the video below:

Images via [Google Images 1, 2]