John Travolta Gay: Alleged Boyfriend Doug Gotterba Spills Details Of Six-Year Relationship

John Travolta and his pilot Doug Gotterba carried on a six-year gay affair in the early 1980s, a new report from the actor’s alleged boyfriend claims.

Gotterba is spilling details about his alleged relationship with Travolta, which he claims began in 1981 when he claims Travolta interviewed him for a pilot job.

In an interview with The National ENQUIRER, Gotterba said the two had their first intimate encounter at a Monterey, California, hotel room. Gotterba claims that John Travolta offered to massage him, which led to the two having sex.

“John was gentle, but very passionate,” the 62-year-old claims. “The next day, he told me, with a big smile on his face, ‘I really enjoyed last night.’ And I told him, ‘So did I.'”

Doug Gotterba is planning to publish a tell-all book about his affair with Travolta, claiming that they continued on secretly for six years. Gotterba said he worked as Travolta’s pilot as a cover for the relationship.

Gotterba claimed that Travolta went to great lengths to conceal his homosexuality, especially at a time when his career was blooming.

“I’d stay in the room next to John in luxury hotels,” he says. “Sometimes he’d bring women along as beards. But he would ask me to join him in his suite and we’d spend the nights together. It was our little secret.”

In the end, Doug Gotterba said he could not match John Travolta’s libido and was put off by his propensity to sleep around, and the relationship came to an end.

“John was oversexed, and I knew that he had many other lovers on the side. Some of them I’d hear about, others he told me about himself,” he claims.

“John demanded that I come to his house at all hours of the day and night [for sex],” the pilot explains.

John Travolta and Doug Gotterba have been locked in a court battle over the allegations, with Travolta claiming that Gotterba is bound by a confidentiality clause he signed when he terminated his employment.