Ronda Rousey Reveals: ‘I Want To Be The Highest-Grossing Actor In The World’

Ronda Rousey isn’t just a great fighter with a pretty face. The talented and tough Ms.Rousey is a whole lot more, and she revealed recently that she has big plans for the future.

As the current holder of the UFC women’s bantamweight title, Rousey is already arguably the greatest women’s MMA fighter of all time. But she wants to conquer a lot more than the UFC, she wants take over Hollywood!

As she told ESPN Magazine recently in no uncertain terms: “I want to be the highest-grossing actor in the world someday.”

And the fact is that Ronda Rousey does have at least three movies that are due out next year, including: The Expendables 3, Entourage and Fast and Furious 7, means she’s on-course to fulfill her dream.

She revealed to ESPN:

“I didn’t grow up wanting to be an action star. I just didn’t think it was in the cards. Now that it’s a possibility, I’m like, ‘Screw it, I don’t give a s***, if The Rock can become the world’s highest-grossing actor, I can have that same goal.”‘

During the interview, she spoke little about her UFC dreams, focusing on her acting aspirations:

“I never aspired to be second. I was taught as a kid that you can do whatever you want in this world, so why not be the best in the world at it? Even when I was bartending, I wanted to be the world’s best, most efficient and charming bartender. That’s how I do things.”

According to numerous reports, Ronda Rousey’s next fight could well be against Gina Carano, and even Rousey believes that if the bout does take place, it won’t be an easy one. Rousey actually said Carano would be “the hardest competitor I could ever find to fight.”

For now though, it seems that Rousey is looking more to the future as she enters the world of Hollywood. With any, luck she’ll enjoy as much success there as she does in the ring.

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