Audrey, Age 10, Kicks Butt On This Slayer Song, But What About Kate, The Singer? Whoa!

Hey, heavy metal fans and headbangers everywhere! Meet your next guitar god — sorry, goddess. This is 10-year-old-Audrey, whose version of a not-easy-to-play-at-all metal classic by Slayer is taking the internet by storm. But as amazing as Audrey’s guitar skills clearly are, check out the vocals by Audrey’s younger sister Kate.

Now that, dear friends, is metal!

Audrey is learning to play guitar with the instructional software Rocksmith. The song she’s practicing in this video, which has racked up almost 1.3 million views in the three weeks it’s been on line, is “War Ensemble,” a thrash-metal classic off the 1990 album Seasons In The Abyss by legendary metal band Slayer.

We don’t think we could even move our fingers that fast, much less play an entire song at this speed — even if we knew how to play more than three chords on guitar.

The Rocksmith program gives you a rating every time you attempt a song, and Audrey pretty much aced this one with a sterling 97 percent score.

“I last played this in Jan,” she wrote on her YouTube page. “I couldn’t pass without X back then but was glad to get a GOLD PICK this time! Also, CRAZY KATE!!!!! She surprised me with her SCREAMSSSS!!!”

We wouldn’t be surprised to see Audrey following in the footsteps of Unlocking The Truth as the next junior high heavy metal star with a major recording contract.

So if you’re a fan of heavy metal, or just a fan of incredibly talented kids, get ready to bang your head to Audrey — and Kate! — rocking the crap out of “War Ensemble” by Slayer.

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