Kate Moss Had Words With Justin Bieber? Or Wanted The Goss

Kate Moss allegedly gave Justin Bieber a talking to over his Ibiza clash with Orlando Bloom, claims a UK tabloid. We can’t see it ourselves since well known partier Moss probably spent most of her time getting off her face. But here’s what’s being alleged.

Justin Bieber was supposedly told off by Kate Moss for his fight with Orlando Bloom, while Bieber and Moss partied at a glitzy bash in Ibiza on Friday.

The occasion was the 40th birthday bash of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, which both Bieber and Moss attended along with stars including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kris and Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto, Ciara, Naomi Campbell and more.

According to The Sun, in a story that can’t decide whether the “Baby” singer went up to the supermodel or she took him aside, it’s claimed a source alleged:

“Kate had a huge go at him and told him he needed to behave. She was giving Bieber some choice words like a teacher after the singer asked to be introduced.”

“He’d gone up to say hi to her like his usual cocky self expecting her to gush over him. It was quite a slap in the face.”

Justin Bieber At Ibiza Party

(Photo: Justin Bieber with Riccardo Tisci, Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kris Jenner at the Ibiza bash.)


While it’s always possible Moss — who was previously reportedly caught taking cocaine and is famous in certain parts of North London for extreme hedonism — could be bothered to go to bat for Bloom at the event, we can’t help thinking the been-there-done- it veteran party girl would have laughed her head off over the news and probably just wanted the goss.

That’s if she even spoke to Bieber at all.

“He’d gone up to say hi to her like his usual cocky self expecting her to gush over him. It was quite a slap in the face.”

Now there’s a narrative-shaping quote if ever there was one. But readers, believe what you will.

Lest we forget, at the Tisci party, Mossy wore latex underwear and a fishnet dress.

Just like a teacher.

Kate Moss

(Photo: This is what Kate Moss wore when she allegedly scolded Justin Bieber. Wonder if he knew where to look?)

Justin, 20, and Orlando, 37, famously came to nearly-blows in Ibiza last week at the Cipriani restaurant, before an audience that included Bloom’s co-diner Leonardo DiCaprio (who’s got some chutzpah), Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Witnesses claim Bloom confronted Bieber after he allegedly made a snarky comment (s) to the Brit actor about his ex-wife, the ubermodel Miranda Kerr. Reportedly, Orlando previously refused to shake Bieber’s hand.

It’s long been rumored that Justin and Miranda flirted at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November 2012 where they met, and it’s clear Bloom thinks something went on between the pair.

To what degree, if any, is speculative. Kerr, who has the best PR team in Christendom, has always denied hanky-panky and is staying out of the fray; pausing only to relocate to Malibu and post carefree Instagrams.

Reports keep popping up that the 31-year-old model is “very embarrassed,” while never quite getting specific on what Kerr is ashamed of, other than nods to the Bloom-Bieber fight.

Taking a stab in the dark, perhaps Miranda is red-faced over the fact that when she first met Justin she was a 29-year-old, married, mother-of-one and “face” of multiple brands.

Justin was 18.

E! News recently reported the pair were seen flirting at the fashion show and afterwards in 2012.

Which brings us full circle to Closer magazine’s highly unlikely access to Kerr’s post-fight call diary.

A source allegedly said: “Miranda’s furious the boys would be so public about this and she called Justin to tell him to stop goading Orlando. She asked him to think about Flynn — he’s a similar age to Justin’s little brother Jaxon, so she hoped he’d understand.”

“Orlando’s furious he’s been made to look like a fool and while he regrets lashing out, there’s no love lost between him and Justin.”

If these quotes are taken on face value, and that’s a hefty if: translation?

“Please stop fighting boys. I want people to forget I made eyes at an 18-year-old — and maybe more — when I was cusping 30.”

Justin Bieber where?

(Photo: Miranda Kerr ducks the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber drama by sheer power of wafting.)