‘Deadliest Catch’ Spoilers, Renewal News: Season 10 Finale Brings A Brutal Storm, Will There Be A Season 11?

The season 10 finale of Deadliest Catch airs on the Discovery Channel Tuesday night, and fans are disappointed to see this season come to an end. This season has had fantastic ratings, and that leaves many fans anxious to know for certain that the show has been renewed rather than canceled. What can fans expect in Tuesday’s finale? There are some Deadliest Catch spoilers out there, and it should be a wild episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Tuesday’s 2-hour finale focuses on a big storm with brutal winds. Deadliest Catchspoilers indicate that Capt. Casey McManus reports 100 mph wind gusts that are causing big problems at the Dutch Harbor dock for the Cornelia Marie. Big decisions have to be made regarding what to do with the vessel, and the boat’s owner, Josh Harris, cannot be reached.

Though viewers will only see about 15 minutes of the situation play out on-screen, producer Ben Staley said it actually lasted for four to five hours. If McManus makes the wrong call, the Cornelia could be destroyed. This boat and crew have had a lot of rough times over the years, and fans are anxious to see that this situation plays out without more heartbreak and disaster.

Other Deadliest Catch spoilers indicate that the Time Bandit crew will step in to help, and others step up as well. Though filming technically had wrapped for the season, and many were on their way home, it seems the competing crews came together to try to save the day and of course the cameras caught it all. As Zap2It notes, the Deadliest Catch Arctic storm that came about right at the end of filming threatened multiple crews, and blood was shed. The finale is titled “You’ll Know My Name Is the Lord…,” and fans are hoping the season doesn’t end with any tragic losses.

The big question is, has Deadliest Catch been renewed for season 11? The network doesn’t appear to have made any official announcements yet, but it definitely does not appear to have been canceled. The show has had fantastic ratings this season, and fans still fully embrace each new episode. Many are disappointed that this season went by so quickly. So, while it looks like it surely will be a while before there are new episodes, it does seem to be a safe bet that the show will return.

Of course there may well be changes to the vessels and crews involved, and fans will have to wait some time before Deadliest Catch spoilers are available in that regard. New seasons have always premiered in the spring, it seems, so there will be a wait before there is big news on a potential season 11. In the meantime, tune in to the Discovery Channel on Tuesday, August 5 for the season 10 Deadliest Catch finale and see just how brutal that big storm ends up being.

[Photo via Discovery Channel]