‘Daredevil’ On Netflix: First Instagram Pics From The Set!

Any chance of a Daredevil reboot in theaters looked to be dead in the water following Ben Affleck’s 2003 disastrous turn as the blind superhero. When the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios, it seemed as if even the red-hot comic company didn’t want to touch its own creation on the big-screen. However, Daredevil on the small screen? That’s a different matter.

Marvel made a deal to bring Daredevil to television in 2015. The series will air on Netflix – the streaming service that’s had huge success with such original programming as House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black.

Writer Craig Engler was on the set of the new Daredevil series yesterday, and posted a couple of images on his Instagram account:

This picture – a chair emblazoned with the moniker: MURDOCK (Daredevil’s alter ego) was accompanied by the following from Engler:

“So Netflix’s Daredevil is in Greenpoint today under the code-name, ‘Bluff.’ I got a sneak peak for you.”

And here’s the second image:

With this one, Engler wrote:

“And here’s a sneak peak of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil.”

In the Marvel comic of the same name, Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock, a man who is blinded by radioactive material falling from a truck in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. The radiation causes Murdock to lose his eyesight but heightens his other senses to beyond normal human ability. After Murdock’s father is killed, Murdock becomes Daredevil, a suited superhero avenging his father’s death.

The Netflix version of Daredevil will star Charlie Cox as The Man Without Fear. Co-starring in the Daredevil series will be Elden Henson as Daredevil pal Foggy Nelson, Vincent D’Onofrio as evil crime overlord The Kingpin, Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll.

When asked what it was going to be like dropping an entire Daredevil season on fans all at once, Marvel Comics Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada told Screen Rant:

“You can’t deny that there will be binge-viewing. You know that there are going to be some Marvel fans that when this show premieres, they are going to go on to Netflix, and they are going to sit there for 12 to 13-plus hours, and watch the entire thing all the way through. It’s going to happen.”

Quesada also talked about how the All At Once method – offering an entire new season to viewers all at once – of programming that Netflix utilizes for its original shows, will offer different ways to tell Daredevil’s story.

“The Netflix model offers us the advantage of being able to construct the show in a manner that is very different than a weekly network TV show… With weekly tv, you sit there and go, ‘The Audience may not want to wait two or three weeks to get this particular piece of information.’ Whereas with Netflix, we may be able to hold on to a particular piece of information, because they may just watch it two hours later.”

Marvel has plans in the future for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist and the Defenders to get shows on Netflix in addition to Daredevil.

Images via ComicVine and Craig Engler

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