'Flawless' Remix: Lil' Kim's Version Claps Back At Nicki Minaj?

Beyonce's Flawless remix featuring Nicki Minaj barely dropped over the weekend before Lil' Kim whipped out her own beef version, because... well, she can.

It's on and popping, and almost too much to bare when three queens are on their games. But two of Her Royal Highnesses of hip-hop appear on a collision-course to determine who runs the rap game -- like a boss. MTV News ran a piece that suggested Kim took shots at Nicki with a remixed diss of Flawless.

Bey opens up spitting fire with the remixed joint, and then Minaj, real name Onika Tanya Maraj, tagged in and laid down her verse. She boasted about her flawless, curvalicious figure and assets, among other things. Then, it appeared as if she slipped in a cheap shot against her arch nemesis:

These b-tches washed up and ain't no f–kin' soap involved." And to add fuel to fire, Minaj belts out a "Uh" in the spirit of the Notorious B.I.G. Hmm, you be the judge on that one.
And before fans could finish dropping it like it's hot, Lil Kim responded to the perceived diss with a few bars of her own on the Flawless remix.
Am I trippin' or did this Ho just say my name?/ Queen of rap, f–k outta here, Queen's back, f–k outta here/ Time to get this rap b-tch up outta here...damn it's a shame. B**ch, I gave you the rope, I want you to hang."
The Brooklyn femcee, who recently gave birth, fired back at what MTV calls a "perceived slight" of the YMCMB first lady. It's a diplomatic approach at best to second-guess Kim's motives -- a glass half-full approach, if you will. However, as the saying goes: "If it walks like a duck..." You get the drift.

Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj were rumored to be in a feud recently, but the Young Money queen quickly dismissed it as media-inspired hype. However, the bars Lil' Kim spit in the Flawless remix left little doubt that a battle with Kim is brewing on the landscape. No, this is far from a Lil Wayne and Drake staged tour battle. It sounds like the making of a cat-clawing, rump-shaking perfect storm in the making.

Call Nicki and Kim's remix shrewd marketing strategy to reignite Queen Bee's relevance or a track-hacked hoax. Nonetheless, one thing that's hard to conclude is that Bee's response is coincidental. Turn down for what?

Mrs. Carter -- yes, she still is; no divorce yet -- used the remix of Flawless to address the controversy over the infamous elevator brouhaha with Solange and Jay Z.

Of course sometimes sh** goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator." For a bit of emphasis, she repeats the verse and slams it home with a "ka-ching" sound in the track's background.
In the end, Beyonce is the likely benefactor of from the hip hop queen-squabble, and the longer the feud -- real or perceived -- lasts, the longer it rains. And if you don't know, now you know.

Listen to Lil Kim's diss in Beyonce's Flawless track remix above and share who you think wins the "Queen of Hip-Hop" title?

[Image via The Drop]