Mrs. Jonas? Cryptic Tweet Sets Off Rumors About Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend

Could Delta Goodrem become Delta Jonas? Nick Jonas told his thousands of Twitter followers last night that he had a big announcement to make. Once the throngs of tweens realized that Jonas had just finished up a weekend in Cabo with his girlfriend Delta Goodrem, they realized that the announcement could only be one thing. Nick Jonas’ girlfriend is about to become Nick Jonas’ wife.

Jonas tweeted:

“I’m getting so excited about sharing my big news with all of you! Who thinks they know what it is? : )”

Jonas decided to hype his announcement one more time, saying:

“Headed to the airport… Who’s ready for my big announcement tomorrow?”

Of course, Jonas’ announcement could have nothing to do with his girlfriend Delta. Nick put out a solo album last year and his brother Joe also recently put out solo album. Nick could announce tomorrow that he’s doing another project by himself. According to Pop Crush, Jonas could also be making an announcement about a starring Broadway gig.

Nick is only 18-years-old so marriage may not be on his mind yet, but Delta, 26, may be ready to make a commitment to the teen heart throb.

So what’s the big news? Baby? Marriage? Album? Broadway? Fans will have to wait until tomorrow to find out of the big announcement has anything to do with Nick Jonas’ girlfriend Delta.