‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spinoff Takes A Hint From Joss Whedon

A new Amazing Spider-Man spinoff is being planned after Sinister Six, and it appears to be taking a hint from Joss Whedon’s vision for the Marvel cinematic universe. Ever since adding Black Window to the team, Whedon has gone on record as saying there aren’t enough female characters in superhero movies.

Sony is planning to take that idea and run with it, making their superhero movie after Sinister Six star a female lead. Could Venom now be a female, since it’s planned for the same year as the new project? This might not be the same as the next Ghostbusters, changing the main character to a female seemingly because of feminist pressure. Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying was the first female Venom, so the comics have shown it can be done.

The more likely scenario involves Black Cat getting her own movie in 2017, since we’ve already been introduced to a character at Oscorp named Felicity Jones in Amazing Spider-Man 2. She may very well be the character the new Amazing Spider-Man spinoff will be centered around.

Nothing is known beyond the decision to make it female-centric, and there are other characters who might be making their way into the series. Firestarter, Stunner, and Silver Sable are other possibilities. Spider-Woman might be a victim of the same feud caused by Quicksilver last year, and Sony might not want to approach her for that reason. Spider-Woman was an Avenger at one point late in the story.

One thing is clear though: The box office failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not making Sony cancel their plans for the franchise. Hopefully the anticipation over the female-centric Amazing Spider-Man spinoff will help bring Sony’s franchise back if the Sinister Six movie doesn’t.

Lisa Joy has been hired to pen the script surrounding the new Amazing Spider-Man spinoff. This would be her first crack at big screen fame after having written and produced episodes of Burn Notice and Pushing Daisies.

Who do you think will be the main character in Sony’s spinoff after Sinister Six? Could the movie actually be Venom with a female twist?

[image via zoom-comics, comicvine]