Phil Robertson Blamed For The Crash And Burn Of ‘Duck Dynasty’

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Is Phil Robertson the reason that Duck Dynasty has lost its luster?

A&E is seeing some pretty awful ratings for a show that was once their cash cow, and some people are wondering if Robertson patriarch, Phil Robertson, might be responsible for it. According to The Aiken Standard, the controversy surrounding the Robertson family just might be the reason that people are no longer tuning into the show. Most of the said controversy was started by Phil… and so it goes without saying that Phil’s comments about homosexuality, for example, turned some people off.

However, executive vice president and general manager of A&E Networks, David McKillop, believes that the show is just taking its typical course. Generally, a show of this nature will do incredibly well and then reach a plateau point. McKillop doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about the way things are going.

“It’s a strong, strong franchise and will continue for a number of years. I don’t think there’s any definitive proof that the controversy itself had an impact on the ratings. These things tend to burn very, very bright and then begin to settle into a plateau.”

Phil Robertson and his family are still having wild success despite the drop in viewership. According to WebProNews, Robertson might have killed the proverbial “golden goose,” but the goose was able to lay plenty of golden eggs before the show went downhill. Naturally, this metaphor tells the world that the Robertsons are not going to go away — quietly or otherwise.

“All those ‘Duck Dynasty’ t-shirts, ball caps, beef jerky, and other such paraphernalia that netted the ‘Dynasty’ team $400 million last year are still there.”

Of course, the Robertsons do well financially from their duck call business, which was around long before they inked a reality show deal. This means that the family wouldn’t find themselves living on the streets in their show got canceled. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there has been talk about the show being canceled — but that doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern for A&E executives or the Robertsons.

Phil Robertson actually has a ton of fans and supporters all over the country — and we’re talking millions of people. So, just because there was a significant dip in ratings this season, that doesn’t mean that Phil and family are sunk. It simply means that some people have chosen not to watch (perhaps for reasons that have nothing to do with Phil) — but millions are still watching. And buying. And this family is still very much TV gold for A&E.

As evidenced on social media, Mr. Robertson still has it. Some of the things that he says really resonate with people, and yes, there are still people out there who love Phil and will watch Duck Dynasty as long as it is on TV.

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