WWE News: Update On Sting Coming To WWE, All But Confirmed To Wrestle At Least Once

It has been a long time coming, but now Sting is officially with the WWE. The problem is that the deal he has signed with WWE has nothing to do with him wrestling for the company. As we all know by now, he signed a deal with Take Two’s 2K Sports to be in the new WWE 2K15 video game. Due to the extreme love for Sting, WWE has taken notice.

The idea when it came to Ultimate Warrior last year was that although they would have loved to see Warrior wrestle again, he was in no condition to perform again and most knew that. This was well before anyone knew of his heart condition. He had not taken any WWE physicals or told WWE anything about wanting to wrestle, so his deal with WWE was only what Sting has now, a Public Relations deal. Sting with this deal can appear on WWE programming or for the company in various capacities.

The cool part with Sting is that he has wrestled for years leading up to late 2013. If he had not been talking with WWE, there is a chance he would be wrestling now with TNA Wrestling where he has been for the better part of a decade.

WWE feels that due to the fact Sting is in good shape and could easily pass the physicals, he could be more than healthy enough for a match. Sting has been very adamant about wrestling in WWE, and has expressed that in every interview he has had. Literally, every single one. Seriously, it’s not as if the man is dropping a hint people. He is dropping an anvil asking for it.

Sting Rain

While he would love to have The Undertaker to wrestle, he may not be lucky enough to get him. Taker is still said to not be in great condition since his last match with Brock Lesnar. While things could always change, for now Taker is a no-go for any action no matter who the opponent is.

WWE does feel Sting is still very current, and due to the fan love he has had, they feel he would most likely get over majorly well if they brought him in as a part time performer.

Several WWE Superstars and Divas want to see Sting wrestle in WWE, and that includes people such as Triple H. That being said, it is very likely Sting will have a match in WWE this coming year. It is said that Sting will be part of SummerSlam events leading up to the show, due to the WWE 2K15 game having some media that same weekend. It is rumored that due to the show being near his hometown of Venice Beach, California, that Sting may make an appearance at SummerSlam. This would also be done to help WWE Network subscribers. The Network will be International by that point, so anything they can do to get viewers will undoubtedly be done. Since Sting is set to be in town, it would not shock anyone to see him show up at the event.

He is signed to a deal that would allow it. However, don’t expect him to have a squash match at the show just to say he had a match. WWE would want to give Sting a legit match with someone if they do give one to him. That being said, WWE sees the money with Sting and looks to be giving fans what they want and word has it that they want to get him in the ring at least once. If he were to look good, more could come of it, I’m sure. We will just have to wait and see when they give us the long awaited in-ring debut of Sting.

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