'Dragonriders Of Pern' Movie Release Date Will Have Anne McCaffrey's Books Flying To The Big Screen

A Dragonriders Of Pern movie is on the horizon now that Warner Bros has purchased the option for producing a full length feature film from the estate of Anne McCaffrey. But when could we expect to hear of the Dragonriders Of Pern movie release date?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another famous series featuring dragons is based upon the Game Of Thrones novels, which first was published in 1996. This sort of gives you an idea how long it can take to translate a book onto film, although in George R.R. Martin's case, he's not done yet with the books. HBO is claimed to be "unconcerned" about the slow pace in writing the books, and Martin only has an expletive to say for fans who are worried he may die before finishing the final books, which is what happened to the famous Wheel Of Time series.

In the case of author Anne McCaffrey, she passed away in 2011 at the age of 85. The Dragonriders of Pern book series started way back in 1968, and the American-Irish author produced 22 volumes with the last set of stories being co-written with her children. The last book released by Todd McCaffrey was in 2012, although a book called After The Fall Is Over is still said to be a work in progress.

The Dragonriders of Pern book series depicts an elite group of warriors who ride dragons with telepathic powers. The science fiction series is based upon a fictional planet called Pern that faces a deadly threat from spores called Thread, which are rained down on Pern by a rogue planet called the Red Star. The original books were a trilogy and then later stories focused on earlier periods of time, the creation of the dragons via genetic engineering, or even the same events seen from the viewpoint of different characters.

All in all, this would make the Dragonriders Of Pern movie series a perfect replacement for book series such as the Harry Potter franchise or The Hobbit, which will end this year assuming new stories are not invented. While J.K. Rowling is writing for the Warner Bros' Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the author has otherwise limited herself to writing short stories as a limited Harry Potter sequel that only gives us glimpses into what happens after the events of the movies. In comparison, the Dragonriders Of Pern movies could continue on for years to come assuming the original trilogy is successful as a movie. This is not guaranteed though, which was proven when Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game movie flopped at the box office despite being a good movie.

Dragonriders Of Pern

Unfortunately, the Dragonriders Of Pern movie release date is difficult to predict at this point. Warner Bros executive Drew Crevello has only just landed the deal, and it's difficult to say how quickly the turnaround time will be. Each Harry Potter movie took about a year to film, and the average time to film a movie can be all over the map. Assuming a quick turnaround, we might see the Dragonriders Of Pern movie by 2016 at the earliest, but it's more likely it would be 2017, 2018, or beyond. Still, Warner Bros does have an incentive to move quickly since many of their major franchises are coming to a close, with the major exception being the DC Comics movies like Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.