Howard The Duck Movie Possible? Writer James Gunn Answers Marvel Movie Sequel Question

A Howard the Duck movie is hoped to be the next Marvel movie sequel by some fans, but does the Guardians Of The Galaxy secret ending mean it will happen? Writer James Gunn took to Twitter to answer the reason behind the end credits scene.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, one of our own writers explained how a Howard the Duck movie could work and what “super powers” the fearless quack brings to the table. Just be aware there are spoilers here, since we’re already written about the Guardians of the Galaxy end credits scene prior to the release date of the movie:

“The end-credits scene opens with The Collector, Taneleer Tavan, played by Benicio del Toro bandaged up and sitting amongst the remains of his ‘collection’ after the Guardians paid him a visit in the film. Cosmo, the Russian space dog he previously had in his collection comes up and licks The Collector’s bandaged face, and then we hear a voice speaking. The camera shifts and we see Howard the Duck in his now-shattered glass pen, equally unkempt and battle weary, sipping a space martini.”

The fact that this Marvel character makes a cameo at all might make you wonder whether or not a full-length Howard the Duck movie will be made, but apparently it’s just a comical appearance for the sake of the fans. After all, Rocket Raccoon creator Bill Mantlo once tried to revive the series, so it makes sense to have Howard in the Guardians of the Galaxy secret ending as an easter egg.

If anything, it just shows the legal status of the character since Steve Gerber, Howard’s creator, sued Marvel for the rights, and even Disney sued Marvel because of the obvious similarities to Donald Duck. When the character was revived in 2002, Gerber even had Howard the Duck having a conversation about copyright law with God in Hell. So it would seem almost an honorific since the last thing you read in the end credits is: “Howard the Duck created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerick.”

Now that Disney and Marvel are one, it appears Howard the Duck may be revived again, but I have a hard time seeing the studios risking money on the character. When George Lucas did the first Howard the Duck movie it, was a box office bomb. Even Gerber once said Howard was “too weird to live, too rare to die” in the Marvel Universe. We can also safely say a Howard the Duck movie is unlikely because writer James Gunn claims it was just a joke:

Do you think Marvel and Disney should try making another Howard the Duck movie?