Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘Well Hung’ But ‘Bad In Bed’ Alleges Ex-Lover

The last thing we wanted to do today was to smash your dreams, but it seems that Hollywood’s favorite hunk, Leonardo DiCaprio, is not what you might expect in the bedroom department.

Star magazine, which broke the story in the latest issue, has popped the bubble on a number of celebrities and their sex lives in the past. First there was Taylor Swift, who apparently talks mostly about her cats while on a date.

Then there’s Ryan Gosling who reportedly cries after he has sex, for some reason.

But back to Leo, as his antics in the bedroom interest most people a whole lot more than what Taylor Swift talks about on a date. According to his ex- girlfriend, actress Bobbie Brown, who is best remembered for her time on Warrant’s 1990s hit “Cherry Pie,” Leonardo DiCaprio needs to take things slow in bed, very slow.

The actress told reporters about one particular sexual encounter she had with Leo: “[He said], ‘Wait a second! Don’t move, Bobbie. We need to slow down.’ But it was too late.” According to the tabloid, “Leo couldn’t even last as long as one of his movie trailers.”

Nevertheless, there is still some good news, and that is the fact that, according to Brown, Leo might not be great performance-wise, but when it comes to size, oh boy! “He was… titanic,” joked Bobbie.

It doesn’t seem that Leo’s skills in the sack hinder him in any way from sleeping with supermodel after supermodel, all of whom virtually line up to sleep with him. Nonetheless, Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently very particular when it comes to sexual health.

Brown alleges that Leo was so obsessed with it that he even asked her the ever-embarrassing question: “Do you have gonorrhea?” Hmmm. Romantic, Leo.

So the burning question is: Are Bobbie Brown’s allegations about Leo true, or is she just trying to get some media attention as is so often the case with young stars who rose to fame then dropped off the celebrity radar?

The answer to that remains to be seen, as media sources wait for other Leonardo DiCaprio ex-lovers to come forward with similar stories.

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