UFO Over Italy Caught On Camera Shocks And Amazes Viewers

A UFO over Italy was caught on camera recently, and the resulting images of a sparkling white unidentified flying object have shocked and amazed believers and skeptics alike. The video of the Italy UFO has amassed a whopping 309,671 views as of the morning of August 2, 2014, and views are multiplying by the hour.

The video consists of nearly ten minutes of footage showing a brightly shining, asymmetrical UFO over Milan, Italy. The sky behind the unidentified object is a brilliant shade of blue without a single cloud in sight. Without the reference of fluffy white clouds or passing airplanes, it’s difficult to determine whether the Italy UFO is stationary and the camera is moving violently or the other way around.

Some people who have watched the Italy UFO on video expressed amazement over the bizarre lights in the sky, while others cried foul and pointed to “technical tampering,” Yahoo pointed out in a report dated just today.

The witness himself had these words about the UFO sighting, “Noise and high light was not observed. Around the object there is a discharge of air, like plasma.” Sky Valley Chronicle reported that the object exhibited a “super structure,” setting it apart from “the standard UFO fare of just some bright light in the sky.”

UFO sightings are surprisingly common. Every now and then, a UFO video makes headlines due to its amazing content. This is one of them. Although it took nearly a whole month for this video to gain traction, it’s making international headlines now and collecting more comments over the last 24 hours.

As reported by The Inquisitr, another UFO sighting making headlines recently was confirmed by the Chilean government not to be a known natural phenomenon.

Some of the most interesting comments made about the UFO in Italy offer theories to explain its origins. Many people believe that the glittering object in the sky has a perfectly rational explanation. Could it be fireworks, flares or the reflection of sunlight on space junk as some people have theorized? No one knows for sure.

Other potential explanations, according to the YouTube community, include “flying serpent (ancient plasma alien),” “Pleiadians,” and “good aliens.”

For those who are interested in specs, YouTube user Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla shared that he captured the video using a Canon EOS 60D, which is an expensive camera that sells for $699 at stores like Best Buy and Amazon. With an 18-135mm lens, the price skyrockets to $999.

Opinions about this July UFO sighting are divided. Do you think the UFO over Italy is legitimate or a fake?

[Image via YouTube user Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla]