14 Minutes of Leaked Borderlands 2 Footage From PAX

If the Borderlands 2 debut teaser trailer was a bit too much of a tease for you, this leaked Borderlands 2 gameplay video from a closed-doors panel at PAX should make it all better.

In the video, we get a pretty extensive look at a mission where the Gunzerker and Siren team up to rescue a certain familiar face from the original Borderlands. Along the way, we’re treated to looks at new weapons, new ammo types, the new-and-improved animation and AI system, and a whole lot more.

If the teaser trailer didn’t sell you on another tour through Pandora, this gameplay video likely will. It appears to be the same Borderlands we all know and love, but with a number of new improvements to weapons and combat in general.

Borderlands 2 is due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime after April 2012. Check out the leaked Borderalnds 2 gameplay footage from PAX below.

via Joystiq