Johnny Depp In Secret Rehearsals With Paul McCartney: What Are They Planning, A Beatles Reunion?

Tim Butters

Failed rock star Johnny Depp might just get another bite at the rock n' roll apple courtesy of aging rocker Paul McCartney.

Depp has been taken breaks from filming Whitey Bulger crime drama Black Mass to jam with McCartney in secret recording sessions that none of the musicians involved will reveal the true nature of.

It's no secret that being one of the most famous and well-paid thespians of his generation isn't enough for Depp. Johnny has always harbored secret ambitions to be a rock god.

For most hormonal teenagers, the desire to dominate the world with three chords and the truth is pretty much a given. Fortunately most of us grow out of it and say hello to reality.

However, it appears that no matter how grey of hair or long of tooth, the mentally ill and certain Hollywood celebrities can never quite hang up their guitar and admit: "The dream's gone, I'm far too old for this nonsense."

Earlier this year the Inquisitr reported that it was rumored that Johnny Depp had plans to reunite his old band from 30 years ago, The Kids.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about Depp's ambitions, a source said:

"He's a frustrated rocker and for all the success he's had as an actor, he still wishes he could make it in the music world. This will be his chance to live out his fantasies and see what might have been. But he's nervous the music critics might give him a hard time."

Depp's band The Kids hit the scene in the early 1980s and rocked, if not a million, at least a few hundred faces before heading to the bright lights of LA and changing their name to the catchy Six Gun Method.

After Depp landed a plum role in A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Kids folded quicker than you could say, "Johnny's sold-out to Hollywood man."

Yet Johnny never quite gave up on the idea of being a rock star.

To date, probably one of Johnny's biggest claims to fame in the music world is playing rhythm guitar on an obscure Oasis album track from the 1990s.

Yet with revelations that Depp is jamming with none other than Paul McCartney, things seem to be finally taking off for our kid.

And it's not just McCartney that our Johnny is hitting the bum notes with. Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Alice Cooper have also been involved in the top secret sessions.

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, guitarist Perry (63) said:

"It's the great ego leveler. I was in the studio with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, playing guitar, and the three of us are looking at each other like, hey, we're sitting here with Paul McCartney! And we're all looking at each other like open-mouthed kids. At 72 he can still hit all those notes."

Yet Perry declined to disclose any more details: "It's a project that we're keeping under wraps for now."

What could it be one wonders? The mind panics at all the nightmarish possibilities which can only occur when four guys over 50 get together and decide to rock out.

Is McCartney auditioning possible candidates for a Beatles reunion? You wouldn't put it past the canny old bassist. After all, even the most obsessive Beatles fan would be hard-pressed to deny that McCartney has never been shy about down-playing John Lennon's influence in the fab four.

And what greater revenge on the more talented Beatle could there be, than for McCartney to arrange a Beatles reunion with the role of John Lennon being played by a Hollywood actor called Johnny Depp.

It's just a theory y'all.