Lacey Schwimmer Pushing Chaz Bono Hard, He Loses 5Lbs

Dancing with the Stars resident dance expert Lacey Schwimmer isn’t making it easy on Chaz Bono, working him so hard that he’s managed to lose 5lbs in just six days of dancing.

Speaking to PEOPLE Schwimmer revealed:

“When I first met him, he didn’t want to do anything that made him look silly,” while adding, “Now he’s all for it. He’s goofing off and he’s pretending to be Maks [Chmerkovskiy] in rehearsals. It’s really funny.”

After acknowledging that they are the underdogs in the competition Schwimmer revealed:

“He’s lost five pounds in six days,” and “It’s so great. He says he’s not eating any differently, he’s just dancing.”

She then says that the two have worked well together as a pair and that Bono’s attitude has made it easy to work with him.

The one thing Bono won’t do? Dance to any songs by parents Sonny and Cher, even though the show’s producers would love to see it happen.

In the meantime a rumor has begun to circulate that Cher might actually make a guest appearance on the show, although her reps have not commented on that possibility at this time.

In the meantime Lacey Schwimmer continues to stick up for her transgendered dancing partner, recently taking a stab at haters on her Twitter account where she tweeted:

“Why people feel it’s okay to judge, bully and harrass others for being themselves is beyond me. Shame on you people!”

What do you think about the Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer pairing for Dancing with the Stars Season 13?