'Sharknado 3' Is Already In The Works At SyFy

Todd Rigney

Sharknado 3 is reportedly in the works over at SyFy. In other words, the network is going to milk this thing until folks find something better to watch.

For those who don't understand the appeal of cheesy B-movie, the fact that Sharknado became something of a phenomenon last year is probably very odd. Twitter was essentially transformed into one giant 140-character collaborative Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, though with admittedly less wit. Regardless, SyFy took notice of the film's success and quickly put together Sharknado: The Second One.

FanSided reports that producers are already moving forward with Sharknado 3. Unless the powers that be decide to mess with a winning formula, writer Thunder Levin will likely return to send those rampaging sharks into another part of the world. If you're looking for specifics, there aren't any concrete details spinning around as of this writing.

Sharknado star Ian Ziering told Fox News that the inevitable arrival of the third installment depends greatly on the now many viewers tuned into The Second One. If a ton of folks turned up to check out the sequel, Ziering seems confident that Sharknado 3 could hit the digital airwaves next summer. Fingers crossed!

The actor explained:

"They've green-lit 'Sharknado 3' if the numbers come back for 'Sharknado 2' in the 18-49 demographic. If they are anything like what I'm expecting, then SyFy will just make this a summer event. They've already green-lit 'Sharknado 3' and because it's a television movie they can turn these around pretty quickly. It doesn't make sense as a series, but as a summer event they'll have a year of hype to build up to it and as long as the fans continue to want it... Syfy will continue to bring it."

The screenwriter said:

"We have not had any official discussions about that, so anything I say about that is strictly me. I think it needs to bigger, it needs to go international. I need to see a global sharkpocalypse. I wouldn't mind Paris or Sydney or Rome or Washington D.C. I think we need to spread out a bit."

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