Christina Applegate is ‘Up All Night’ With New Baby

In the new NBC sitcom, “Up All Night,” Christina Applegate plays a TV producer who returns to work a few months after her baby is born. Applegate should be playing the part to perfection, since she is going through a very similar situation in her real life.

The “Married With Children Star” returns to a network television series this Fall shortly after having her first child.

Applegate said:

“I remember the first day back at work… Sadie (Applegate’s 7-month-old daughter) had been up twice that night.. I had never been more tired and more scared and more discombobulated and confused and unaware of what I was supposed to be doing on the set.”

The Boston Herald reports that Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, who are also both parents, join Applegate in “Up All Night.”

Applegate said:

“I think once you have a baby, your emotions are on your sleeve. It’s just much more accessible to find whatever you need as an actor. It bring everything to the surface, so for me, definitely I can pull quickly from that.”

The actress also says that several ideas for the show have been inspired by her experience as a new mom.

Applegate said:

“We all throw out ideas. I’ll come in and say, ‘Emily, this happened last night with Sadie, and this would be really, really funny if we did that,’ and next thing I know, it ends up in the rewrite.”

The new show premiers September 14th. Christina Applegate plays a producer who has a hard time keeping up with her old lifestyle after having a kid. Will Arnett plays her husband and Maya Rudolph plays a co-worker.

Will Christina Applegate’s real life make her a more convincing character?