Meet Rocky The Cat: Fearsome Feline Becomes UK’s Public Enemy Number One

A fearsome feline called Rocky has made headlines in the UK for terrorizing the neighborhood in which he roams.

Prowling around the hood like Iggy Pop’s ‘street walking cheetah’, Rocky the cat definitely has the Eye of the Tiger and hasn’t been pulling any punches when it comes to making a fearsome reputation for himself as a neighbor from hell.

Rocky is nobody’s pussy and the 4-year-old’s rap sheet would shame even the most hardened gangster. It includes scratching an outside fence, allegedly biting two people and, wait for it, entering residents’ homes and refusing to leave.

Cats are strange creatures. They’ll torture a small bird or fluffy rabbit to death for fun and in a blink of an eye jump upon your lap and purr like a cute Walt Disney character that’s just too big-hearted and vulnerable for this cruel cold world.

Like Dexter Morgan, their psychopathic nature is what makes cats endearing to many people. Yet Rocky the cat’s fondness for ‘home invasion’ and aggressive antics haven’t gone down too well with the neighborhood he struts around like a prize-fighting pussy.

Rocky’s owner Samantha Davies – as if such a cat could ever be “owned” – has been told by Rotherham Borough Council that Rocky is to be put under house arrest until he curbs his troubling tendencies to search and destroy.

Rocky’s local authority have received verbal and formal complaints about his behavior and the ferocious feline has been slapped with a cat anti-social behavioral order (ASBO) for what could be described as his campaign of hate against local residents.

Likewise Rocky’s behavior could also be described as a cat just being a cat but in their wisdom council officials have dictated otherwise.

Rocky’s owner Samantha has called the council’s actions ‘”ridiculous” and Yahoo News UK quoted her as saying:

“Even if Rocky did do these things, it’s hardly what you’d deem to be antisocial behavior.

But where’s the proof? I haven’t seen a shred of proof that any of this even happened. I think the council need to concentrate on doing their job properly instead of following up rubbish like this. The council told me to lock him indoors, but in this weather I think that’s extremely cruel. He’s a cat and wants to be outside.”

Rocky’s loyal owner added “Everyone who lives around here is in their sixties and seventies – and they just don’t like having a young person in the neighborhood. But I don’t make noise, I don’t have parties, I keep my garden tidy. And because there’s nothing else for neighbors to complain about they have invented this story about Rocky.”

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous told the Daily Mirror:

“Rocky has bitten me on numerous occasions. One time he came into my house through an upstairs window and started terrorizing my dog.

I could hear him going mad and went up to see what the problem was and Rocky was there. When I tried to get him out the house he bit me extremely hard.”

Samantha’s next-door neighbor, David Willoughby, 65, added, “Rocky comes over to our house quite a bit, but we don’t have a problem with him. He did bite me once, but that was because he got stuck and was frightened. Sam was very apologetic about it afterwards and I didn’t have a problem. He’s a male cat, and he needs to assert his authority, but he’s not a bad cat really.”

Yet Rotherham Borough Council beg to differ.

“We do appreciate it is very difficult to control a cat once they are let out but Rocky has been causing problems around the area for quite a while now and is actually terrifying some local residents who are very vulnerable.

Last year he allegedly bit two people and his bad behavior has continued because he causes both internal and external damage when he visits neighboring properties. He certainly does not like being challenged and lives up to his boxing namesake!

We have asked his owner to take reasonable steps to try and cut down his wandering and have advised the neighbors to use a variety of cat deterrents, which certainly includes not feeding him.

The warning letter is very much a last resort and if the owner takes reasonable steps to control him and we get no further reports from neighboring residents then obviously this will go no further.”

What do you think cat lovers. Should the pussy be punished or should Rocky the cat be left alone to wander at will?