Steven Seagal Raid Goes Bad; Actor Sued After Driving Tank Into Home, Killing Puppy

When Steven Seagal and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio team up for a raid, you know they mean business. Arpaio gathered up a couple of tanks, a few armored cars, dozens of officers in riot gear, and for added protection, one Steven Seagal, to raid the home of an Arizona man who was suspected of running a cockfighting ring. Unfortunately, the Steven Seagal raid didn’t go as planned.

The martial arts actor, who was filming on episode of his A&E reality show “Lawman,” drove a tank into the home of Jesus Llovera and accidentally ran over his puppy. Llovera, who was arrested on charges of suspected cockfighting, is now suing Seagal for $100,000 and demanding that the actor hand-write a letter to his children, apologizing for the death of their dog.

The Wrap reports that Llovera had no record of owning guns, but that didn’t stop Seagal from bringing tanks. Because, well, tanks make good television.

And on top of arresting Llovera and killing his puppy, Seagal and his “Lawman” crew also euthanized hundreds of chickens on Llovera’s farm.

The Arizona Sheriff’s department said that they had reason to believe that Llovera was armed, but Llovera’s attorney, Robert Campus, accused Arpaio of escalating the situation to play to the “Lawman” cameras.

Robert Campus, Llovera’s attorney, said:

“There was more force used in this than I’ve seen in some big drug busts.”

A&E has not commented on the situation.

Should the “Lawman” lose his badge for reckless tank driving? Should Sheriff Joe Arpaio for allowing the Steven Seagal raid take place? I’m not sure, but it’s probably time to stop letting unqualified people drive tanks.