Juan Pablo Galavis Flips Out After Andi Dorfman’s ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

Juan Pablo Galavis may have been the most anticipated Bachelor contestant in the show’s history, but he proved to be quite the handful. He didn’t propose at the end of the season, he angered the girls he was dating and Chris Harrison did everything he could to keep the romance alive between Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell. The Inquisitr covered this relationship earlier this year.

Andi Dorfman was one of the women who noticed Juan Pablo’s odd behavior and she ended up leaving the show because she felt they had nothing in common after the Fantasy Suite date. Their final scene was rather intense, so viewers assumed that she would not speak to him again. But apparently, Juan Pablo has been following Andi’s journey on the show.

According to a new tweet, Juan Pablo Galavis is actually very upset over people talking about his relationship with Andi Dorfman. Of course, it is natural that people bring up his name during Andi’s Bachelorette finale, because it was thanks to her arguments with Juan Pablo that she got to come back on the show to find love.

On last night’s follow-up episode, After the Final Rose, Nick Viall was desperate to get some answers from Andi about why she slept with him when she ended up rejecting him. When Nick called out their sexual escapades on television, people were shocked. But reality blogger and master tweeter, Dana Weiss, had no problem discussion Andi and Juan Pablo’s past.

She discussed Nick’s comments on Twitter with a follower, adding, “Also everyone knows what happened in the fantasy suite. Of course it’s part of the editing.” When the follower pointed out that her relationship with Nick was exactly what Juan Pablo had done to her, Dana was quick to set the record straight. “Not at all. Andi was mad at JP b/c he told her he #$%^ed someone else. Not b/c he chose someone else,” she revealed. But of course, there is more to the story.

And while Juan Pablo wasn’t tagged in the tweet, he was quick to flip out over Dana’s conclusions. “Dana GET your facts STRAIGHT before opening your MOUTH (or Typing) and please TAG me next time,” he tweeted angrily this morning.

Of course, he could be thinking of the things that they didn’t have in common, as she left him behind. She expressed her concerns after the Fantasy Suite dates, telling the cameras that she didn’t know much about him, including his religion, his favourite colour or even his political standing. But it doesn’t sound like Juan Pablo is upset with Andi’s final choice. He was eager to send his congratulations to both his former fling and her new man, Josh Murray. It sounds like there is no bad blood here.

Why do you think Juan Pablo is making such a big deal out of this on Twitter? Do you think Dana has a point?

[Image via US Magazine]