WWE News: WWE Planning To Make Daniel Bryan Burglary Incident Into Storyline

As the world probably knows by now, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and his real-life wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella were robbed a few days ago at their home near Phoenix. The interesting part of the story is that Bryan was coming home from doing media appearances with WWE. He has been hurt for a while and ended up getting an early flight to get home. As they pulled up, people were coming out of their home.

To Bryan’s surprise, neighbors had called in suspicious activity about an hour prior to the couple coming home. As the two burglers came out, Bryan chased after them. Something he does not advise after the fact. Due to being a Pro-Wrestler, Bryan has cardio that goes on for days. So as he chased after the two felons, he was able to catch one who got winded and put him in a rear naked choke until law enforcement arrived. Bryan claimed he did not want to do anything too bad because he didn’t want to hurt the guy and end up getting sued. A thinking man seemingly.

The whole thing happened as a real life event and one reporter jokingly asked if Triple H and Stephanie had anything to do with the burglary. Understanding it was a joke, Bryan responded jokingly himself saying, “you never know, they could have sent them.”

The interesting story today is that WWE may be taking advantage of Bryan’s real life drama. He has had a roller-coaster year thus far. It started with him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 30, WWE’s biggest annual event of the year. He ended up needing surgery and after a while, he was forced to hand over his newly won gold. John Cena then became the champion and has held the gold ever since.

Bryan announced he was writing up an autobiography and then it seemed like all was going well. Then the whole burglary happened. Really, if this were a movie we would wonder what the ending would be.

Daniel Bryan Brie Bella WM30

Due to this, the WWE has contemplated the idea of making the burglary incident part of a story. Both were not harmed, and neither was their dog. This would not be too tough to do knowing all were okay.

This would not be the first time WWE made real life drama into a story. The entire thing with CM Punk in 2011 was based on his real-life issues with WWE. Years before, Jeff Hardy had an angle with his brother Matt in which Matt admitted to burning down Jeff’s home which also saw the death of his dog Jack. Jeff’s home really burnt down and he really lost his beloved dog.

The Edge and Matt Hardy incident involving Lita was seen as a huge real-life angle. It ended up working well for both men for some time.

WWE would never do an angle without clearing it with all parties, so both Brie and Bryan would have to agree to do it. The main thing is that, who would you use the angle with? Right now, Brie is in a rivalry with Stephanie McMahon. Bryan had an issue with The Authority before he was hurt. So all of that being said, would they wait until Bryan is back to use it, or since it is so fresh, do they let the angle loose with Brie?

It is up in the air on what they do. However, WWE is known for trying to make material as real as possible. That being said, WWE will probably end up doing the angle. If WWE does not do it, we can probably assume Brie and Bryan didn’t want to or WWE simply felt it wouldn’t do well story wise.

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