Bruce Campbell Also Confirms ‘Evil Dead’ TV Show, ‘Walking Dead’ Officially Put On Notice

The Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell… TV show. Bruce Campbell will be in an Evil Dead TV show. The fact that there will be an Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell Television show would be enough, but Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have separately confirmed it. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con last Friday, Sam Raimi made an impromptu announcement, that The original Evil Dead would be coming to the small screen. This comes after years upon years of rumors, confirmations, and denials of a sequel to the Army Of Darkness, which was the third film in the Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell Evil Dead series. Empire reported:

“Sam Raimi made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, to talk about his role as producer on the movie adaptation of The Last Of Us – and during the on-stage Q&A dropped quite the bombshell: that he is writing an Evil Dead TV show along with his brother, Ivan, and Ash himself, Bruce Campbell. Raimi said no more than that, but it was something of a bolt out of the blue.”

Naturally, fans are skeptical of the announcement. An Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell continuation has been rumored or teased for some time, but has yielded nothing more than Deadite Dreams. Sam Raimi has also teased non-Bruce Campbell ideas, and eventually has reneged on his plans. Though it had nothing to do with Bruce Campbell or the Evil Dead, Sam Raimi had planned to make a Shadow comic hero film. In the 1990s, Sam Raimi had spoken about wanting to do it, but was denied the rights to the film that was later produced by Russell Mulcahy.

The result of this denial, the 1990 film Darkman was created, and Bruce had a cameo. Naturally, this has lead to a level of skepticism. Comic Book Resources has reported that another has confirmed the Campbell-lead Evil Dead announcement. That person is none other than Bruce himself.

The day after Raimi delivered the news, a fan tweeted to Campbell, ‘Only if @GroovyBruce is the STAR of this new TV series will I accept. Don’t make a fool out of us long time fans.’ The actor replied, ”That’s the plan.’

It elicited nothing but excitement from Bruce Campbell fans.

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Bruce was succinct, but it certainly now is looking to be a solid announcement. Sam Raimi had also detailed that Campbell, Rob Tabert, and brother Ivan Raimi will be writing for the series. For those unfamiliar, Raimi squared, Bruce, and Rob Tapert, worked on the original series.

So, is this the oft rumored continuation to the ‘original’ Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell Evil Dead series or is this one of two things to come to star the great Campbell vs. his not-so living foes, the Deadites? What is your thoughts?

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