Tara Reid Took Her ‘Sharknado’ Role Seriously, Even If Nobody Else Did

Tara Reid took her Sharknado role very seriously, even if nobody else did. The name alone is just a ridiculous pile of nonsense that anybody with common sense would laugh at.

Even the title of the sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One, shows that even the writers aren’t that serious about it. While Reid seems to believe such an occurrence is entirely possible, she is aware that the movie is a sort of tongue in cheek comedy. She says it’s for this reason that it’s important to keep serious and focus on staying in character.

The American Pie and Big Lebowski actress is right about that, since the most effective comedians are usually the ones who don’t laugh at their own jokes. Since Sharknado is a massive joke, it requires everyone involved in the film to be serious about their roles.

Tara Reid is no stranger to comedy either. Her best roles have always aimed at getting the audience laughing, even if the films might have taken themselves more seriously than the audience did.

Ian Ziering, a Beverly Hills 90210 alumni, probably doesn’t take his role in Sharknado 2 as seriously as his female predecessor though, since he took the role to keep his insurance. Basically the entire cast of the film is there to cash in on something they know is aiming for the “so bad it’s good” style of comedy.

Reid said about her role in the first Sharknado film:

“Even though the situation was crazy, you had to play it serious. If you were playing it, laughing all the time, the story line wouldn’t even make sense. It’s like taking it serious in such an absurd, crazy environment and that’s where the jokes come in. That’s where it gets funny, so you really do have to commit to your character and also know what you are playing. And being in that situation that you’re in and playing it serious, then there comes in the humor.”

Tara Reid’s Sharknado role was a bit like madcap comedy. The more seriously you play it, the harder the audience will laugh, and she knew it.

Will this be enough to keep the critics from tearing the film apart over its ridiculous concept? We doubt it, as they weren’t forgiving of the first movie either. Could Sharknado 2 take its place next to Tommy Wiseau’s The Room as one of the most accidentally funny movies ever made as sharks fly into New York City?

Whatever happens, Tara Reid is still going to take the role seriously if Sharknado 3 brings her back, even if it’s just to make it funnier.

[image via myarklamiss]