Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge Split? Is Tamra's Marriage Already On The 'Rhocs'?

Effie Orfanides

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge's marriage is rumored to be on the rocks. According to Radar Online, sources say that Tamra and Eddie "aren't in a very good place" just one year after their wedding. The story came out after the women filmed the reunion show for The Real Housewives Of Orange County and Eddie didn't show up. Apparently Eddie's decision to skip out on the reunion show insinuated that he and Tamra are having problems.

"Eddie was invited to go to the reunion, but refused and Tamra was extremely upset about it. For Eddie, however, there was nothing to gain by going and it would have been a waste of his time. All of the over-the-top drama, including from his own wife, was just wearing on his nerves."

Tamra Barney read the reports today and was quick to speak out against them. The reality star and fitness guru took to her Facebook page to combat the rumors, saying that Eddie never does the reunion show -- and she knows exactly who put that bogus story out about her.

"Eddie has been asked to attend the reunion show every year for the past 4 years and he ALWAYS says 'NO Thank You.' It's just not his thing….. another reason why I love you so much baby, you can give two sh*ts about TV life. I know exactly what cast member put that story out there and to her I say …. 'I hope that you find your happiness one day, there is nothing like being with the love of your life and waking up to your soulmate every morning.'‪#‎blessed‬."

Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge's marriage has been under fire a few times since their 2013 nuptials. Fans of The Real Housewives Of Orange County think that Eddie has a lot to deal with because Tamra isn't always the most easy going person. What people fail to realize is that the couple's marriage is different when the cameras aren't rolling. Obviously being on a reality show of this nature is stressful and can easily tear people apart, but saying that Eddie is over Tamra just because he didn't attend the reunion show taping? Well, that's a little dramatic, don't you think?

In other Tamra news, there seemed to be some debate over whether or not the reality star had plastic surgery. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tamra got into it with Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live. Despite Andy's pressing, Tamra held her ground and said she didn't have any work done. Do you believe her?

[Photo courtesy of Rudy Martinez/Bravo]