William Shatner Wheelchair: Why Was The Actor In A Wheelchair At Comic-Con?

William Shatner in a wheelchair? That is not how this iconic actor’s fans are used to seeing him, but that is what the situation was at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego this past week. So just why was Shatner in a wheelchair? It seems a horse-riding accident is to blame.

According to the Daily Mail, William Shatner was in a wheelchair at Comic-Con because he had been in an accident the previous weekend. He said he was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk, but he refused to miss the event. That surely will not come as a surprise to Shatner’s Twitter followers, as he had been tweeting quite a bit about the event leading up to his panel. Shatner noted that he would be better in a few days, news that comes as a bit relief to his fans.

During the event, where William Shatner stayed in the wheelchair, the actor was able to joke around quite a bit. However, when he was spotted elsewhere around the venue being pushed around in the wheelchair, apparently it was more obvious that he was feeling quite a bit of pain. During the Comic-Con Legends of TV Land panel, he shared, “I was riding a horse and had an accident.” Shatner added, “The horse got off scot-free. I did not. I wrecked my leg.”

Shatner, 83, shared the stage with Betty White and Donald Faison of Scrubs. Many television viewers would say that is one interesting trio to put together, and it is not hard to imagine that Faison probably did not end up having much to say when attendees had Shatner and White up on a stage together. DiscoverSD shares that Shatner shared quite a few tales from his Star Trek days, naturally, while White had many wild tales to tell. Faison talked about both Scrubs and The Exes, as the latter show currently airs on TV Land.

The trio talked about quite a few other things beyond television as well, it seems. Discussions touched on social media and movies, along with zoos and conservation. The Legends of TV Land panel may not have been the hottest ticket at Comic-Con this past week, as panels for shows like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones spur passionate followings for their panels of course. That said, the panel with Shatner, White, and Faison garnered quite a bit of buzz as well. Fans were worried to see William Shatner in a wheelchair, but luckily it seems he expects to fully recover relatively soon.

[File via The Sun]