‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Prequel Will Be A ‘Western On Wheels,’ Says Director George Miller

Mad Max: Fury Road is a prequel to the Mel Gibson movies. A trailer for the new film was released to the world at Comic Con 2014. But how does it differ from its predecessors?

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Director George Miller also spoke at one of the panels about the new Mad Max movie, and he believes the fans will find the setting to be very familiar even in this digital age of wiz-bang special effects.

As our previous report notes:

The Road Warrior was made on a budget of just $350,000. Even converted to 2014 dollars, that budget would still come in well under $1 million — impossibly tiny by today’s Hollywood standards and small even by the standards of foreign and independent films…. Mad Max: Fury Road had a reported budget of between $100 million and $125 million, and has the backing of the major U.S. film studio, Warner Bros.”

Miller said fans will find Mad Max: Fury Road to be “very familiar. A lot of time has passed. Technology has changed. It was an interesting thing to do. Crazy, but interesting.” The director called the movie “a Western on wheels. Even if it’s in the future, we have gone back the more elemental behaviors. More medieval. The setting is very spare and clear.”

Of course, the biggest difference is that Mel Gibson is being replaced by Tom Hardy, which is kind of odd from a timeline perspective, considering Hardy is older than the twenty-something Gibson in the originals. Speaking of things being odd, Comic Con moderator Chris Hardwick made things awkward by jokingly saying, “Who knew that Mel would turn into Mad Max at one point.”

The question probably could have put Miller on the spot, but the director was gracious in his reply:

“They have that eternal tension. On one hand they are entirely lovable and accessible. And on the other there is that element of danger … It applies to every charismatic person.”

What do you think about the Mad Max: Fury Road movie so far?