WWE News: Cesaro Told To Stop Using Giant Swing Move Because Fans Loved It Too Much

When something works in the WWE, sometimes it can work too well. WWE had a plan to make Cesaro a babyface in a major way heading into 2014. He broke away from the then heel-Real Americans group and ended up moving on to becoming a Paul Heyman Guy. The giant swing move first got him noticed. His clear strength was known, but it became interesting to see how long he could do it, and who he couldn’t do it against potentially.

Fans took to the move in a major way. He was then dubbed “The King of Swing” by his new manager Paul Heyman. He used the move often originally, but less and less as time went on. The idea originally was to move Cesaro into a face role. However, Heyman opened the door to move him into a heelish role which helped WWE at the time as there was a need for mid-card heels.

The problem with this was that once injuries and departures piled up, WWE had to make moves with other talents. Roman Reigns ended up getting the major push that Cesaro was originally scheduled to get. The swing move was putting him into the position for fans to love him and he was doing well with Heyman as his manager. He was put into a big position, but once Daniel Bryan went down and the slow burn to Reigns was put into a high burning fire, Cesaro’s babyface push was put back, and thus, the pure heel role was given.

Cesaro Swing

Due to this, WWE told Cesaro to stop using the Giant Swing or “Cesaro Swing” as it came to be known. The reason? It went too well with fans and heels must be booed, not cheered. The swing gives him cheers, so he cannot do it. It is understandable, but still bad for fans who loved to see him do it. Obviously when it comes down to it, we know why heels do and don’t do certain things. Sadly, many wanted to see a push for Cesaro, and a push as a face seemed like a good idea.

However, WWE is going through a period in which they simply must make new stars, and sometimes a few get overlooked while they push one or two heavily. Currently, all three former Shield members are being used heavily and while Cesaro is slowly being thrown into that mix, he has to come off badder than ever. While the swing may not be around for a while, at least we get to see Cesaro used on TV, and slowly, used very well.

[IMG Credits: Dan Geise and Deviant Art-sebaz316]