Dakota Fanning Is No Longer A Child Actress

Dakota Fanning has completed the hardest Hollywood transition; from child star to grown-up actress.

Fanning, 20, just completed “Very Good Girls”, which she started filming when she was 18, making this her first grown-up role. The film, according to Design & Trend, tells the story of two teenage girls who decide to lose their virginity before leaving home and heading off to college. Elizabeth Olsen stars as Gerri, longtime friend of Lilly (Fanning), who are eagerly anticipating leaving home for college.

Though Fanning has been cast in many films, such as I am Sam and has played many divergent roles, this will be the first time Fanning goes nude before the camera, and films some sex scenes for the movie. When asked about this direction and her level of nervousness, Fanning responded like a true professional. “I wasn’t very uncomfortable with it. It’s just something you kind of have to do. It’s really not that big of a deal, it’s just a technical thing. Everybody is really respectful and I wasn’t uncomfortable. You just kind of have to just go for that and get it done, like anything else.”

There is one other thing that Fanning has been able to do that some other child stars could not; keep her nose clean. She has been able to perform at a professional level while not landing into the pitfalls of drugs and drinking that have claimed so many other child stars. A possible reason for this may be the roles she looks for; nothing blockbuster, just movies that explore life’s nuances. “I just like stories that are about real people or just about people, in general,” she said. ” Those are my favorite movies to watch — little movies about experiences that everybody has.”

The film “Very Good Girls” follows Gerri and Lilly during their last summer together in Brooklyn, according to the New York Times. A trip to Brighton Beach could lead to potential trouble for the friends as the girls meet David (played by Boyd Holbrook), a disgruntled photographer and ice cream vendor. After returning from the trip, Gerri decides to pursue David, but David is only interested in Lilly. Lilly and David begin dating, without telling Gerri. The palpable awkwardness follow suit.

The film is the directorial debut of Naomi Foner, who is the mother of Maggie Gyllenhaal. The film is rated R for some sex scenes and discreet nudity, and was released on July 25th.