Brutal ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Footage Drops At SDCC 2014, End Begins In September

Sons of Anarchy footage dropped at San Diego Comic-Con in Hall H on Sunday, and from the looks of things, this final season will be one brutal ride.

While the footage will probably hit the web shortly, all we can do now is cling to the lowdown provided by those who were actually there.

MTV News has a particularly compelling write-up of how things start to go down in the final season of Sons of Anarchy. A bit of it follows, but warning, spoiler-haters! After this point, there are some key details related to last season and this new season. Don’t read if you prefer to go in blank, or are still in need of a binge-watching session to catch up:

“It begins with Jax, in prison, punching a man repeatedly in the face on the floor of a bathroom. Jax’s allies help hold the man down. They gag him while Jax carves a swastika into the man’s stomach. The man passes out, and Jax proceeds to pull his teeth out; as he walks away, it’s clear that he’s more violent and ruthless than he’s ever been.

“Jax isn’t the only one in prison, it seems. We see Juice in isolation, butt naked, his signature hair shaved down, doing push ups, looking more alone than ever. If he’s not in prison, it seems he’s on the run. At the very least, he’s in the darkest place imaginable — which says something, considering the depths of despair Juice has already visited.

“Outside of prison, we see Gemma taking care of Jax’s children (no shortage of irony there, [since Gemma stabbed Jax’s wife to death with a fork — IQ editors]), Wendy (Drea de Matteo) packing a bag, Nero hanging out and drinking beers with the Mayans, and retired police chief Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) bringing flowers to Tara’s grave — a sparse, unflattering resting place, with nothing more than her name, dates of birth and death, and prison numbers on the headstone.”

All that, and don’t forget we get some Theo Huxtable thrown in for good measure!

Sounds like a bloody good time, even though it’s a tad hard saying goodbye to so many great shows so quickly. First, we had to let go of Breaking Bad, then Dexter (though that series sort of crapped the bed in its last season, especially the finale).

Letting Sons of Anarchy go completes the bummer trifecta, but luckily we still have a full season left, and it all begins September 9 on FX.

What do you think, readers? Does the Sons of Anarchy final season sound like must-see TV?