Birth Photography: A Popular New Trend [Video]

Birth photography is a popular new trend to hit the states and it’s exactly what the term suggests. Expectant mothers are choosing, in large numbers, to hire professional photographers to come into the birthing room and photograph the powerful memories of their children being born. Some people assume the women who would opt to have a photographer at the birth of their child would be the natural birth proponents or women who choose to deliver at home. In reality, mothers across the nation of varying backgrounds and with vastly different birthing choices are inviting professional photographers into the birthing room. In the featured video, memories from a hospital birth were captured in time for a couple welcoming their new baby.

“We take photos of all the milestones and events in our lives, big or small, from hiring a wedding photographer to taking your own iPhone photos of what we’re eating for lunch,” Laura Eckert, the woman behind the incredibly popular Birth Photography Facebook community told The Stir. “Why wouldn’t you want beautiful and tastefully captured images from one of the biggest days of your life?”

Eckert explained:

“A lot of times, moms who are really in-the-moment in their birth don’t have a lot of memories of exactly what went on during their labor. Seeing their birth photos really helps fill in the gaps as they ‘relive’ their labor and delivery through the eye of the camera, not to mention the baby getting the chance to relive their own birth sometime down the road!”

Ladies, would you consider allowing a photographer to capture the moments of your baby’s birth? If you have already used a professional in the labor room, would you suggest birth photography to other pregnant women?

[Photo copyright Shöne Foto]