Joseph Hyungmin Son, an ‘Austin Powers’ Villain, Convicted of Torture, Rape

Ever wonder why Joseph Hyungmin Son was so convincing as Austin Powers villain Random Task? It turns out that Son was a real life villain long before he threw a shoe at the International Man of Mystery. Joseph Son was just convicted of torturing and raping a 20-year-old woman on Christmas Eve in 1990.

According to TMZ, Son and another man abducted a woman and forced her into the backseat of their car. They beat her, threatened to kill her, and raped her repeatedly. According to the victim, she was also violated with the gun before being released naked in Compton.

Son was arrested in 2007, a decade after appearing in the first Austin Powers movie, for felony vandalism. Son plead guilty and as part of a plea deal, he agreed to give a sample of his DNA. The DNA was matched up to an unsolved rape case from 17-years prior.

Lalate reports that Son was scheduled to appear in the fourth installment of Austin Powers. But now that he’s been convicted of torture and rape, Son faces 15-years to life in prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 19th.

Before Son starred on the silver screen, he was a pretty successful Ultimate Fighter.

Joseph Hyungmin Son developed the martial art of Jon Son Do, and was the first trainer of the legendary Mixed Martial Art’s fighter “Kimo,” according to IMDB. Son made three attempts to capture the PRIDE World Fighting Championship, but lost to Jukei Nakajima, Yusuke Iamua, and Joe Moreira. He retired from fighting in 2002.