WWE News: John Cena Teases A Heel Turn On Twitter

John Cena

Just when you thought that the WWE world couldn’t get any more interesting, the entire WWE Universe was badly mistaken. After Daniel Bryan beat up a burglar that left his house, Randy Orton getting arrested for having tinted windows, and CM Punk saying he’ll never wrestle again, John Cena decided to add to the crazy news window that is the past 72 hours.

Cena, a 15-time WWE champion and arguably the biggest star in professional wrestling history, is always quick to a joke with the Internet Wrestling Community. In fact, he has made numerous mentions about those types of critics in various promos. Look back to his historical feud with Punk and those mentions are loud and clear.

Two days ago on Twitter, John Cena decided to poke more fun at the WWE fans with a blatant message for those in the IWC with a mention of a heel turn.

Now, take that message with a grain of salt, because he followed that sarcastic tweet with another one that spells more serious notions and possibly his true feelings.

Most WWE fans wish that Cena would turn heel and revert back to his Doctor of Thugonomics phase. Frankly, that was a very entertaining Cena, but it led to the greatest WWE champion of this era with 15 reigns in 12 years. Most will despise the West Newbury, Massachusetts native, though his work ethic is like nothing you’ve seen before. What’s more, the amount of time he gives back to the community is astronomical.

He granted wish no. 400 back on February 12 and currently stands on top of the list for Make-A-Wish. The article also says that his 300th wish granted took place in June of 2013. That’s 100 wishes in nine months. On top of making almost every WWE show, filming a movie here and there, appearing on radio shows and talk shows, as well as living his personal life, this feat is nothing short of legendary.

John Cena

While I can agree that turning Cena would reach viewers like they did when Punk made magic in 2011, it’s just not logical right now. According to a previous report from The Inquisitr, backstage officials are concerned that Cena could leave the WWE for a career in Hollywood. On top of that, the WWE is already preparing for the day when Cena’s workload suddenly halts to a part-time schedule.

That will be a dark day in the WWE, because he has been so vital to that roster for 10 years. It will be near impossible to replace somebody with the star power and wrestling acumen that Cena has. That being said, a heel turn to would benefit his career and the face turn to end his career would be bigger than Hulk Hogan’s.

Take Cena’s tweet with a grain of salt, as he probably wanted to get a rise out of the WWE Universe. It clearly worked, but who knows, maybe he does wish he turned heel.

[Images via community.wwe.com and Bleacher Report]