Christians Beware: ISIS Marking Homes With Symbol So They Can Identify And Persecute

It’s shocking to think that the type of fascism the world thought it said goodbye to following the Second World War is back, and is back with a vengeance.

But these days time it’s not an atheist, secular hate which is leading to the deaths of thousands of Christians. Rather it is a far more sinister right-wing, religiously driven hatred that knows no bounds of common decency or compromise.

The wave of radical Islam, the so-called “religion of peace,” around the world is unprecedented in modern times as unrest is seen both in Muslim countries, such as Iraq and Syria, and in the west, specifically Europe, which has seen a massive influx of Muslims to the continent over the last 15 years or so.

But now the Christians of Iraq and Syria, and in fact those of Bethlehem and Iran, may be in for a whole new type of persecution, reminiscent of the Nazi singling-out of Jews by identifying them with a yellow star which was visible at all times.

ISIS and other extreme Islamic terrorist groups have gained significant power in Iraq and other surrounding countries and apparently taken over massive areas of land, instituting their form of the “Caliphate” an extreme and barbaric set of “laws” which are imposed on anyone and everyone in the area.

The rorate-caeli website reported that ISIS have been drawing the Arabic letter Nun (ن), the 14th letter of their which corresponds to the letter N in the Roman alphabet, on the homes, churches and businesses of Christians, signifying the word “Nasara” which translates as “Nazarene” in English, basically, those of the Christian faith.

The N representing Nazarene is the way Muslims have referred to Christians since the 7th century invasions of Christian lands, always considering them to be a contemptible and disobedient sect.

So what does the United Nations have to say about this racist and fascist act to single out Christians in order to identify and/or possibly a lot worse, if track record is anything to go by when it comes to radical Islam.

Well, while the UN is busy drafting condemnation after condemnation for Israel in it’s defensive war against Hamas, a branch of ISIS, it seems to totally be ignoring the plight of Christians in arab lands.

It seems that for the UN, prominent inaction on Islamist genocide, systematic abuse of women, human trafficking, and similar crimes against humanity is the order of the day.

But Christians need to now pay attention and deal with the reality of their Christian brothers and sisters being identified for the purpose of being persecuted by ISIS and other extreme fascist organizations around the world.